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National Helicopters offers a variety of additional training including:


  • Instructor rating
  • Instrument rating
  • Night rating
  • Float Checkouts
  • Vertical Reference Work
  • External Load Operations
  • Slinging
  • Confined Areas


Type endorsements on the following helicopters:


  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R66
  • Bell 206 JetRanger/LongRanger
  • Agusta-Westland AW109
  • Bell 430


National helicopters additional training



National Helicopters now offers seasonal survival courses primarily designed for our flight training students but open to the general aviation industry. The course's primary goal is to teach basic survival skills on the basis of staying alive by relying on one's self no matter where you are.


"Over the duration of the course our aircrew gained the confidence required to survive the first 24 hours in the bush. The practical exercises and team building scenarios lead by Andre and Mark challenged some of our conventional thinking and gave us simple, unique techniques that would help any person stuck in a remote area. I highly recommend this course for all aircrew, you will be surprised at what you don't know! We plan to return each year."

Constable Dave Saunders

Tactical Flight Officer - Air Support Unit

York Regional Police - ALEA




The first day (or two) of the course will be held in a classroom setting to instruct and familiarize the student with all the skills necessary for a wilderness survival experience.


Some samples of skills taught in the classroom are:


  • Positive mental attitudes
  • Skills needed to work as a group
  • Construction of primitive shelters
  • Fire making methods
  • How to find and purify water
  • Tools and their safe handling
  • Navigation


Most skills taught have very little dependence on modern equipment as it can often be unavailable in a survival situation. The student will learn to use natural materials found in the wilderness. Learning such skills can give extra confidence and any modern equipment available will be an additional benefit to the survivor.




The second part of the course will be 24 hours spent in the woods learning valuable skills and putting those learned from the previous day's class into use. While we walk to the site we will use our navigational skills and learn to gather useful trees and plants along the way. Once to the site we will establish camp using only the natural materials on hand, make fire, gather and purify water, set up signalling devices for search and rescue and prepare for the night. Learning and exercising these valuable skills in a controlled survival situation is vital experience, something every pilot should not be without.




Individual courses for the Fall, Winter and Spring will be held as each season has its own unique challenges and difficulty.


Survival course costs are not included in basic flight training course costs. Costs will vary dependent on seasons and duration.


If you are interested in joining one of our survival courses, please call us at (905) 893-2727 or toll free 1-866-361-1100 for starting dates.

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